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This American Life

The Reprieve

Michigan has passed its Covid-19 peak, and the state has started opening up. But it’s still been intensely difficult for the staff in the ICU at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. We've embedded with them over the past few months, and tracked how this pandemic has changed them and their city.

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CNN Chasing Life

Conversation is More Than Nodding Your Head

Is it possible we’ve been going about conversation the wrong way our entire lives? All too often, when we chat with a friend or colleague, we walk away feeling unheard, misunderstood, or confused. Luckily, research offers some clues about why we’re so prone to missteps – and how we can all get better. Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to Dr. Rana Awdish, who heads up a program to help doctors lead with empathy when talking with their patients. 

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No Barriers

Cultivating Compassion

No Barriers Alchemy Series hosts Erik and Dave interview Dr. Rana Awdish. Rana is a critical care physician operating on the front lines during COVID-19 at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI. Her own serious illness in 2008 has informed her belief in the power of compassion, sacred listening, and community. As medical director of the Care Experience for the Henry Ford Healthcare System, she is training staff to practice empathy in critical care. 

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Explore the Space

Darkness & Light

In this discussion we go into the darkness and make our way back towards the light while discussing her lived experience and this extraordinary book. Rana is tough, brilliant, and amazing to speak with, this is important stuff.

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The Doctor's Art

A Doctor's Journey from the Edge of Death

Navigating the medical profession while confronting suffering and not burning out.

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Built for Zero

Changing the Conversation

Dr. Rana Awdish shares her experiences with healing from a critical illness and opioid use with host Jeff Olivet. They discuss how doctors and health care and human service workers can be present for people in hard times and support healing. Built for Zero is a national movement of communities working toward ending chronic and veteran homelessness.

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To Care is Human

Life Beyond In Shock

Her book, "In Shock," is likely the most influential medical memoir of our time. Dr. Awdish's voice is powerful, calling for change in how we care for patients and how we train those who deliver care. This podcast explores how Rana is doing today; years after her story was released.

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The Good Life Project

Choosing Not To Die

Dr. Rana Awdish wanted to be a doctor from her earliest memories, and worked to become an ICU physician. But, when she found herself 7-months pregnant, being admitted to the hospital spiraling into multiple organ failure, the near-death experience, followed by a two-year medical odyssey would forever change her.

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The Clumsy Pulmonologist 

The critical care and author extraordinaire regales us with stories of fire alarms, severed fingers, and penises


The Awesome Human Podcast

What death can teach us about living well

Nataly and Rana talk about:

The power of compassion in medicine and as a way to heal ourselvesWhat coming close to death teaches us about what’s truly importantHow Rana’s illness made her a better doctorAnd much, much more!


Docs with Disabilities

Episode 32: Dr. Rana Awdish

Join hosts Drs. Lisa Meeks, Peter Poullos and guest hosts as they take a deeper dive into the experiences of health care providers with disabilities through critical conversations with the doctors, researchers, administrators, faculty and policy makers that work to ensure medicine remains an equal opportunity profession.


Mastering Intensive Care

From In Shock to True Connection

In this episode Rana discusses the value of community in unburdening ourselves as health practitioners, and her belief that showing compassion will make you more efficient and effective as well as the benefits of self-care (and what Rana does herself).


The OSA Insider

In Conversation

In this episode we explore why doctors become jaded and what it means to really connect with other human beings, even when it's hard. This is one of our all-time favorite conversations. It originally aired on the Hippo Education podcast Primary Care Reviews and Perspectives. 

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